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Sushi Lunch Specials
All sushi lunch specials served with green salad or miso soup

Lunch Sushi - A (Raw) 10
Choice of 1 Raw sushi roll & 4 pcs. sushi (Chef's choice)
Tuna roll, salmon roll, spicy tuna roll, alaskan roll, white tuna avocado roll, tuna avocado roll, negihama maki

Lunch Sushi - B (Cooked) 10
Choice of 1 Cooked sushi roll & 4 pcs. sushi (Chef's choice)
California roll, spicy california, philadelphia roll, futo maki, eel cucumber roll, tako maki, shrimp tempura roll

Lunch Sushi - D 10
Choice of 2 sushi roll (Not include special roll)

Lunch Bento Box
All lunch bento box served 2 pcs fried pork gyoza, green salad and white rice

Lunch Bento - A (Chicken Teriyaki) 10

Lunch Bento - B (Salmon Teriyaki) 10

Lunch Bento - C (Shrimp Teriyaki) 10

Lunch Bento - D (Tofu Teriyaki) 10

Lunch Bento - E (Chicken Katsu) 10

Lunch Bowl
All lunch bowl served with green salad

Gyu Lunch Bowl 10
beef and onion over rice

Unagi Lunch Bowl
Broiled eel over rice

Tekka Lunch Bowl 12
Sashimi Tuna over rice

Curry Chicken Lunch Bowl 10
Seven with green salad or miso soup


Brown rice substitution available, special requests may include an additional charge

Items may contain raw or undercooked ingredients or may be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your rick of food-borne illness